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International Press 电子期刊

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International Press成立于1992年,总部设在麻萨诸塞州的学术出版公司。目前,出版18数学期刊,被JCR收录刊12种。

备注:17-Journal Package: all journals except CIS; plus CDM and SDG.
Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (ATMP)
Asian Journal of Mathematics (AJM)
Cambridge Journal of Mathematics (CJM)
Communications in Analysis and Geometry (CAG)
Communications in Mathematical Sciences (CMS)
Communications in Number Theory and Physics (CNTP)
Dynamics of Partial Differential Equations (DPDE)
Geometry, Imaging and Computing (GIC)
Homology, Homotopy and Applications (HHA)
Journal of Combinatorics (JOC)
Journal of Differential Geometry (JDG)
Journal of Symplectic Geometry (JSG)
Mathematical Research Letters (MRL)
Methods and Applications of Analysis (MAA)
Notices of the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians (ICCM Notices)
Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly (PAMQ)
Statistics and its Interface (SII)
Annual Books
Current Developments in Mathematics (CDM)
Surveys in Differential Geometry (SDG)